Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Tool #9 Incorporating Classroom Based Devices as tools for learning

Tool #9 Assignment, create a new post in which you respond to the following:

1. I think it is very important to tie the technology to the objective, by doing this it will keep their interest and will keep the kids busy.
2. The students have to be accountable for their time, because they have only a certain number of student minutes to use and they have to use them wisely. They need to learn what the object is at their stations.
3. I looked at TenMarks and ManipulaMath. Ten Marks can easily be used to create bonus questions or review questions for the students. ManipulaMath might be too difficult for some algebra students but it had some good geometry content. This could be used for bonus, practice, or review questions. They could get part of their daily grade according to how they did on it.
4. I found many apps on the Ipad that I can use in the classroom. For tennis, they can use an app to learn any stroke, strategy, or training. It would check them for knowledge. I also found several math facts drilling websites. I could easily put them in as stations and check their scores for daily grade points.
5. Last, the Ipad has a variety of uses, least of which is research. Any reading they do is good, so I might have them read about a certain topic and then report back to me, either in writing or verbally in front of the group to promote their correct diction and ensure understanding.

Tool #8 Taking a look at the tools

I viewed the two videos on the IPAD, so I'm familiar with the controls and the functions. I'll enjoy using this and  all of the apps that are available. The students can use the IPAD to work and drill on extra math problems and also for rewarding students for good work.    

Tool #7 Reaching outside your classroom: Online and Digital projects.

I would like to work with Mrs. Culpepper to poll kids to see if they feel like they are ready for the new STAAR testing. We will poll students after they take the first benchmark test. We will use the poll everywhere site to get an accurate response. After the poll we will know what to work on in Math to get the students prepared for the real test. Also, the kids enjoy seeing the results.      

Tool #6

I checked out TodaysMeet and I can see why students woud enjoy this site.

Next I tried Poll everyone and it was very fun, I polled students on their favorite subjects in school  It was neat seeing the results coming in.

Next I would like to check out Edmodo.  

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tool #5

I like the Wordle because it's creative and fun.  I think the kids would enjoy it because we'd normally not do it in tennis class.  It ties in the vocabulary to learning tennis and improving.

Animoto is fun to create videos for the kids.  I think it'll really jazz them up.  I created a couple of neat videos.

To see video click here.
Click here

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Tool #4 Moving up the Clouds

I created a document in Google Docs and it wasn't to difficult. I sent the statement to two others that can relate to the article I wrote. I created a brief question and I'm waiting for a response from two other coaches. I can see using the forms to get input from others.