Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tool #10 Underneath it all. Digital Citizenship

1. The responsibilities they have with themselves and others while on the net. They need to exercise Digital Ethics and understand how some behaviors and/or comments can harm others.  (cyber bullying).  They need to make sure they use common sense and be safe on the web. They need to be sure not to plagiarize.  To make appropriate decisions such as not sharing to much information on facebook. 
2. Atomic Learning was a fast way to learn something and then use it in the classroom.  
3. To understand how all those digital footprints can affect their future.  I would teach them by first explaining the rules and guidelines, discussing it, and the let them see the consequence if the rules are violated.
4.  I really liked Wesley Fryer presentation and it is definitely one of the resources I will share with my students and parents.  For the student is obvious we can plan to have presentations during class and “teach” the idea through videos, lectures and discussions of their own experiences. For the parents, I think the school could sent out informative brochures or/and organize informative sessions and invite them to attend.  Open House would be a good time to tell them and give them some information.

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