Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tool #11 Self Assessing and Reflecting

1.  My favorites so far are animoto and poll everywhere.  I can see using the poll everywhere to see how the kids are doing. They got very excited when I asked them to participate in my poll.  They really like it and can relate to it.
2.  The kids are very sophisticated when it comes to computers and all their software and applications.  Now that I know more, I will be able to introduce some exciting stuff in the classroom with the different tools I've learned.   I'll have to continue to update my knowledge. I can use some of the remedial tools or apps on the iPad, so that's a start.
3. It was a challenge to find the time to do this during the busy school year.   The timing should have been such that we could have gotten PDLC credit in the summer or given advance notice that it was coming so we don't have so many excess hours.   I really like some of the tools and hope to integrate them into the curriculum.


  1. Two of my favorites, too!! Now all you have to do is take the assessment in Atomic Learning and you will be finished. Don't forget to email me after you've taken it to let me know you're done, ok?

  2. I find Animoto very useful, too- certainly something that would fit in an efficient educational environment.